Jason Eugene Huff

My name is Jason Eugene Huff, born April 3, 1976—yup, an Aries (with a Taurus Moon and Cancer Rising). Jason means “he who heals” and Eugene (while being somewhat of a family name) means “well-born” and Huff rounds it out meaning “to hug with heart, mind, and spirit”—so it is a good, strong name. I was born in northern Illinois in a small town outside of Rockford called Belvidere, back when it still had a hospital. We moved to southeast Texas, where I mostly grew up, when I was five, though I did spend much of my childhood back in Belvidere. I’ve lived in Chicago a couple times, Austin, Waxahachie (just south of Dallas) before leaving Texas for good. I spent a year in Oklahoma City (which I don’t advise) before arriving in Denver in December of 2012. After a couple years there (and a very brief stint in the Springs) I made it to Pueblo, where I currently live in my camper with my dogs. After a life of searching for the ever elusive “home” I’m thinking I might have found it in Colorado. A gypsy no more? I’ve spent my life struggling with schizoaffective disorder—it’s been one of those defining things. But I’ve learned cope and overcome it. As I have with my addiction issues. I’m also diabetic lol. Yay me. One of the other things that defines me is the fact that I am an artist. For 20 years my primary identification was as a poet—published at that, some twenty pieces, though I lost the work (though some was recovered) so I don’t work in poetry much anymore. I am trying my hand at fiction and this blog thing. Also I like to draw with charcoal and graphite and my eraser. Or I did once. I have an interest in oil painting, working in glass, clay, and stone, as well as the digital world. And music. I want to get into music. I already have a guitar, harmonica, accordion, and jaw harp to begin with. The third component that really defines me in addition to my identification as an artist/scholar, my mental illness, is the fact that I’m all about growth—personal as well as spiritual. That is what my life’s journey is about. The last twenty or so years I’ve been doing  a lot of intense work on myself. I believe man is capable of rising above his nature—if you do not like who you are, you have the capability to change who you are into who you CHOOSE to be. That’s what really separates us from everything else in this dimension. That’s what makes us special. That’s what makes us different. That’s the human condition. Most are too lazy to put in the work though.


Now let’s meet the pack.


I have 3 lil girls and my big boy—the bits and the beast lol. They are all rescue dogs. Daisy is the fawn, she came first. She’s the only street rescue, so I’m not sure of her parentage. We believe she is a Chihuahua/Terrier (prolly Jack Russell) mix. Daisy is special. She’s magic. She can, among other things, sense hurt, both physical, mental, and emotional. And she takes that energy from you. She sees things we can’t.  Then Lily, the larger black dog, came next. She’s also a healer. And a watcher. She doesn’t say much. She is ¾ Chihuahua and ¼ Yorkie. Ivy is next, though only by about ten days. I believe she is half Yorkie half Chihuahua, but the child I got her from claimed she was full-blood long-hair Chihuahua. Yeah right. Her only job is to make me smile. She’s the meanest of the bunch but at 4 lbs… And then there is Hank, my big baby boy, the youngest of the bunch. For almost two years it was literally like living in Turner & Hooch. I’m not shitting you. He is a pit/German Shepherd. And he’s a beast. I knew he would be. It’s why I named him Hank. (Yes, I am proudly a giant Geek)


So, I’m at jehuff76@gmail.com or you can hit me up here if you want


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